Travel Much?
Here are the States
you can carry your
handgun with a
Texas license!

(Subject to change,
check with the state
you are visiting.)
Texas CHL Reciprocity
You can carry your handgun in these 30 States
with a Texas CHL. (Check for updates)

Alabama                Mississippi   
Alaska                    Missouri       
Arizona                    Montana      
Arkansas                New Mexico        
Colorado                North Carolina
Delaware               North Dakota
Florida                  Oklahoma
Georgia                Pennsylvania
Idaho                    South Carolina
Indiana                South Dakota
Kansas               Tennessee    
Kentucky                Utah           
Louisiana                Virginia       
Michigan               West Virginia

You must obey the CHL laws in the State you are
Check each State for their rules!
Reciprocity subject to change at any time!!
Remember Federal Law
Requires you to be 1,000 feet
from a school zone
Unless your CHL is from the same
State as school zone.

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where you do not
need a concealed
Check Online